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    Animation has been around since the 18th century and still fascinates young and old today.

    Dissoid Productions specializes in various kinds of animation. Here is a selection of examples of the different techniques.

    Hand-drawn cartoons are particularly popular with children and the young at heart . This technique is guaranteed to be an eyecatcher.
     Left: Webseries “Gemeinsam sind wir Klasse!” (German only)

    3D Animation
    3D is the most demanding type of animation and visualization. With the help of 3D animation in your presentation, image film or advertising you will definitely  stand out from the competition.
     Left: Station ID “30 years Teleclub”

    Motion Design
    Motion Design is also known as 2.5D and creates animation from still images, photos and other graphical elements.
     Left: RSL Start cinema trailer

    Explanatory films
    Explanatory films are simply animated and give the viewer a fun and varied look into any topic of your choice. They are very similar to the “Mixed Media” animations and can be executed in different styles or techniques.
     Left: Konsumi explanatory film

    Object animation
    Everyone knows “Pingu” or “Wallace and Gromit”, animated films which were created using modeling clay or other materials (also known as claymation). This type of animation can also be used for other purposes, such as in our example, a biscuit advertisement.
     Left: Milka advertisement